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We work in partnership with the leadership team (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Revenue Officer).  Our work can support defined expansion strategies like new segment entries, new product offerings, or sales team expansion; or we can help you grow your business through improved messaging, communications, and content marketing. 
New Product Testing


Identify potential early adopters and segment experts to pressure-test your positioning, pitch, price, and service configuration for a new product or service.



Market Intelligence


Understand the context for your market interactions with primary research on your prospective customers and partners or your competition. 




Help everyone to understand your full value proposition quickly and clearly by creating a logical framework for your public-facing messages. 



Sales Acceleration

​Map your sales process from lead generation to renewals and understand the steps to take to focus your team's time. 



Let your materials and multi-media expand the reach of your message, with smart, original, memorable content and collateral. 

Executive Extension

Promote your thought leadership with help from a discreet source of industry-expert ghostwriting, presentation preparation, topic briefings, or leadership document creation. 

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