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Companies Served

We are focused on companies offering technology and services to providers or health plans for improvement in patient care, the revenue cycle, value-based contracting, or clinical supply chain management. 


We work with:

  • startups seeking pilots or investors

  • growing companies seeking sales success

  • mature companies launching new products or services 

  • investors in healthcare companies

  • governmental or philanthropic organizations in healthcare

About Us 


Carolyn Mansfield understands providers' and health plans' fast-changing business objectives.  Carolyn has guided product launches for growth companies, entrepreneurs, and corporations like The Advisory Board Company as a product leader, research manager, and a strategic marketer. 


She has extensive experience in supporting sales into the C-suite.  Carolyn applies her deep knowledge of the business of healthcare to make every touchpoint valuable for your prospective customers.  

From Our Clients 

"Carolyn was our secret weapon on this launch.  She learned our business, our competitors' business, and our customers' business; fit all that knowledge into our messaging; and made it work for each sales person." - Corporate Division Executive


"The consultative partnership that Carolyn offers is incredibly valuable to me as a sales team leader - we can't put together a strategic partnership with a canned sales pitch.  She helps us stitch together a story that shows our unique value for each prospect." - Sales Executive


"Carolyn is a thought partner who helps me say what I mean in publications and press.  And her analytic rigor ensures that I mean what I say." - Entrepreneur


Will investors, prospects, and partners understand your value?

Get a candid, expert assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in the way you share your company's story.  





  • New Product Development & Testing

  • Market Intelligence

  • Message Architecture

  • Sales Acceleration

  • Content Strategy

  • Content & Collateral Origination

  • Executive Extension

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